Claus & Schweder already had a grand portfolio of national and international awards by the time it was acquired by Ach. Brito. Amongst these were several gold medals conquered in Portugal, Spain, the USA, and many others. Nevertheless, in 1924 Ach. Brito starts enrichening this portfolio even further, by receiving the Grand Prix Diploma of the Exposição Industrial Portugueza, held in Oporto. In 1929, Ach Brito conquers the Silver Medal in the Feira de Amostras da Industria Nacional da Associação Industrial Portugueza, that took place in Estoril. The recognition given by these awards, culminated with Ach. Brito’s participation in the I Exposição Colonial Portuguesa, the first big national event that aimed to show Portugal as a united and influential colonial nation.
Ach Brito
Portugal 2020